Lapwing is a new indie-startup specialising in beautifully handmade products, all of which are vegan. Founder & Principal Maker, El, is on a mission to create ethical, sustainable & wonderfully unique clothing items as a counter to the incredibly wasteful, harmful & unethical fast fashion industry.

We were lucky enough to be on board with Lapwing from the very start, working on their branding, packaging & e-commerce website. 


We used tightly kerned Baskerville as a base for the logo, with the addition of a bespoke wi ligature and letter g. These elements combine to speak of Lapwing’s traditional handmade methods of production, and the resulting uniqueness of their items.

El took the name Lapwing from her favourite bird, to which the logo offers a subtle reference in the form of the ear of the g.

The packaging is simple: corrugated cardboard boxes were chosen in order to provide protection for the items being sent while still being lightweight, and of course reusable, recyclable or compostable depending on the recipients choice. Boxes are sealed with paper tape so as not to affect recyclability, and are stamped using vegan friendly ink.